Illy Iper Tostatura Scura 18 Br

Illy Iper Tostatura Scura 18 Br

Illy Iper Tostatura Scura 18 Br

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  • Производител: Illy
  • Модел: Illy Iper Tostatura Scura 18 Br
  • Наличност: В наличност
illy iper тъмно- 18 бр. капсули за Iperespresso illy кафе машина. Силно, плътно, гъсто еспресо, направено само от висококачествена 100% арабика.
Доставкa на машини до адрес или офис на Спиди в София e на стойност 7 лв, а за провинцията 15 лв. Доставка на артикули, без машини, под 100 лв до офис на Спиди в цялата страна е на стойност 3.50 лв. Доставка на артикули, без машини, под 100 лв до адрес в София е 7 лв, а в провинцията 5 лв.

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или, кафе

Google Reviews

I ordered and paid online on 16th of October. The order arrived on 30th of October (after I called few times to ask what’s the status) but the delivery company asked for the money, even though the product was paid. I got the promise they will deliver a new one immediately, which apparently never happened. Very bad customer service, Zendesk is not working, to get in touch with them via phone, is like calling God, and on Facebook they barely answer and mostly with emotions. Totally NOT a reconsideration!

Dana Georgi

Fast delivery, everything as described, well packaged. Excellent service!

Vasil Mihalkov

Tge most delicious coffee :)

Great products at the shop.

Perfect coffee

Mario Venkov



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